New and Improved Facilities for Woodsend Medical Centre – June 2019

The team at Woodsend Medical Centre are very pleased to announce that work has started on improvements and an extension to Woodsend Medical Centre. 

The improvements will take about one year to complete and will include:

  • new consulting rooms, surgical suite and patient education room

  • new reception area including an expanded waiting room

  • new entrance at the front of the building

  • new and improved car parking facilities opposite the current building

  • an upgrade to some of our current facilities


Since the practice relocated to its current site, we have doubled the amount of patients registered with us and are continuing to grow at a fast pace. We also have patients visit us from all over Northamptonshire to benefit from the range of surgical services that we offer.  We are a training practice and we are finding that many of our trainees enjoy working with us so much that they often seek permanent employment with us when qualified.  Our new facilities will enable us to expand our workforce so that we can care for our growing patient list. 


We have provided some approximate timescales below so that you can see what is happening and when.  Our builders are very experienced in developing new and enhancing existing GP Practices and therefore understand what it takes to work on a busy site.  During the build phase, all services will remain unaffected.

Phase One (June 2019)

The first phase of the project will see us develop a new car parking area on the green space opposite the practice.  This will be big enough to accommodate 40 cars and will be open in July.  There will be no access to cars on the current site during the build phase (phases 2-4).   Once the development is completed there will be additional disabled parking available on site adjacent to the new entrance.


The new car park will be located here








Phase Two (July 2019)

During this phase we will see some alterations to the current road access on the Woodsend Medical Centre site.  This will provide additional space for phase 3 to commence. During phases two and three, the existing entrance will continue to be used and safe pedestrian access will be provided to the rear of the site past the works in progress.

Phase 3 (August 2019 to March 2020)

This will be a two storey extension at the front of the building which will have new consulting rooms, surgical suite, patient waiting area and new patient entrance. During this phase there will also be alterations to the reception and administration areas.


New extension



Aerial view of new extension











Phase Four (August 2019 – May 2020)

The last phase of the project will see an upgrade to some of the existing consulting rooms, improved administration areas for our staff and a new Health Education room for patients.

Woodsend New Car Park.jpg
Woodsend New Extension.png
Woodsend Aerial View.png
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